Achill and the turtle

The greek philospher Zenon had same strange ideas. One was that any kind of movement is simply impossible. He tried to proof this by a race between Achill, the best runner in greece, and an old turtle.

The famous Achill and a poor old turtele? Well, thats bad for the turtle. The bets for the animal are not too good. In order to make the race a bit more interesting, the turtle will start 100 meter in front of Achill.

The start, turtle leads by 100 meter

Achill, who is ten times faster as the slow old animal will run these 100 meter pretty fast. Of course will not have reached the turtle then, as she will run 10 meters in the very time. So she will still be 10 meters in front of the runner.

Old turtle leads by 10 m

When Achill will have run these 10 meters the turtle will still be in front of him, as she will run in that time exactly one meter, so she will be one meter ahead of superstar Achill.

Turtle still leads by 1 meter!

This one meter has Achill to run, to get that stupid beast. But after that meter she still is ahead of him. In this way the race goes on and on. The lead of the turtle gets smaller and smaller, but Achill has no chance of passing the turtle as long as she keeps running..

At this point the greek philospher Zenon said: "Well, folks, if even the fastest man alive has no chance to beat an old, fat turtle, then the whole concept of 'movement' is rubish!"

What is wrong? How does this strange race fit to your experience of movement or your experience of crushing a turtle on the road with your daddys car?

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