Every time I meet new people at a party the same thing happens...

The person asks me "So, weird man, what is YOUR profession?". Honest, as I am, I give the true answer "I am a mathematician!". I am not really sure what happens at that very moment, but the face of the person I am talking to, looks like a strange metamorphis is taking place that transforms me to a stupid, clumsy alien. Sometimes I can make a little joke to get out of this embarassing situation. For instance I say that I can I eat my meal using knife and fork. To give a proof I eat within minutes all the food available at the party. As a consequence I get no invitations to parties anymore. That is very sad!

As I am optimistic until the bitter end, I had the idea that some people have prejudices against mathematicians, as they have no idea what mathematicians really do, or what mathematics is. Once I had made a short, understandable description of mathematics on the margin of page, but unfortunately I have lost the book somewhere. Well, so I will give you some examples...

Strange things happen with mathematicians at parties

The towers of Benares
Some monks in India are playing a game that will last until the end of the world. How long will it take?
The goat in the game show (german language)
Would you like to win a Mercedes SLK or a goat?
Achill and the turtle
The strangest race of all times shows that movement is not existing. At least acording to Mr. Zenon.
Lying monkeys and honest racoons
The bartalk version of my masters thesis about "Random fields and percolations on trees".
True and false at the same time (german language)
A barber, some adjectives and an english philospher make a lot of trouble.

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